16st April, 2016

It is time for another episode of our African Superhero story: Avonome!

Last time, we left you with a crying Hisnabek who was devastated after being unable to pull the magical sword out of Avonome.

She had just been stabbed by Ajobara and was turning human!.


Say what now? Avonome with no super powers? How can this be?.

Avonome dying

Unable to pull the sword out of her or help her heal, Azreal journeys into the realm within, in search of the only man he believes can heal her – Hogosha.


Today, we see the prologue of issue 5 and how she overcomes this or if she does.

Avonome #5 Prologue

…But that’s not all. Next Saturday, 23.4.16, there’s more Avonome!
We bring you the second part of the story.
You heard right! You get to read the award winning African superhero story- Avonome twice this month!
What becomes of Avonome as she delves into the realm within?
But first, read Avonome issue 5 prologue here
Wait, there’s more! We’ve got a new title coming out!
Visionary created by our Head Content Creation and Direction – Akintoba Kalejaye is a story about the war of the gods.
More next week.
See you soon.

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