31st Jan, 2016

So much has been said about our Nigerian Superhero. You know his Might but do you know where it all began? This year, in a brand new title, Comic Republic is going back in time to show you the making of our Nigerian Superhero - Guardian Prime! Introducing Guardian Prime Genesis! Jide Martin and Wale Awelenje are set to bring you the story of a lifetime! Will it be cliche or shocking? Now, that's where the suspense lies. Guardian Prime Genesis issue one was released on 30.1.2016 and it already has the fans talking with some comparing it to world class comics of the Marvels and DCs


This is where it gets interesting. For the fans of Might of Guardian Prime, It continues in its full action packed tradition of showing Guardian Prime's awesomeness! With the award wining Stanley Obende and Franklin Ikechukwu, you are in for an exciting time. Now you have twice the intrigue with two issues of your favourite African Superhero title to look forward to -Guardian Prime Genesis and Might of Guardian Prime! How cool is that?

Don't be told about it, be one of the first to read the most anticipated Nigerian Superhero story yet - GuardianPrimeGenesis. It is available for download free on

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